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Many people suffer from obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors that interfere with their daily life functioning. If these obsessions or compulsions get severe enough some people are unable to maintain healthy personal relationships or are unable to focus on their work or other life responsibilities.

Therapy can help change these patterns. If one is able to determine the cause of the underlying anxiety, then thoughts and behaviors can be intervened upon and changed to make for a more satisfying life.

If you are dealing with interfering thoughts or actions that you don't seem to be able to stop (i.e. eating, smoking, being perfect, yelling at others, over spending, hording objects, constantly worrying), you may benefit from doing deeper work about the underlying issues that drive a person to comforting thoughts or behaviors that at first feel better but then get in the way of a satisfying and fulfilled life.

Discovering underlying life patterns or anxieties that drive your thoughts and behaviors may be the beginning of a road to recovering your powerful and successful self. Please let us know how we can help

Grief and Loss

Our therapists are trained in helping people work through grief and loss issues whether that is the loss of a loved one, a traumatic event in people's lives that leaves them without family, home or job, or a personal challenge which may include death, medical diagnosis of self or others, job changes or family changes that requires drastic life adjustments including the loss of the life that a person was planning on having. Changes in our world right now seem to be frequent and greatly challenging. We want you to know that we are ready to walk through these distressing life dynamics with you.
Forest and lake  — Unusual Life Happenings in Laramie, WY
Forest with sunshine— Unusual Life Happenings in Laramie, WY

Life Changes

Change in our lives happens daily and they seem to happen faster every day. Our world is constantly demanding our attention- it seems everything from global warming and terrorism to more internal issues like menopause, pregnancy, sudden illness, promotions or personal losses.

It is not whether we will have change in our lives, it is more about how we will embrace with these changes. Envisioning the outcomes we desire, setting goals and finding little steps to get where we want to go coupled with deep relaxation techniques that can help center us in staying in the “now” are skills that can help us embrace change and move through it.

For some people the changes require a significant amount of spiritual work/awakening and/or re-defining their connection with God, Goddess, All that Is, The Great Way of Things or however they identify their spiritual tie.

Our therapists are trained in both cognitive behavioral strategies to embrace change, but also in inner motivational and centering techniques that can help guide you through the change process in a more peaceful way. We also have Christian Therapists who are can support your faith as needed.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

Spiritual Awakening

More and more persons are aware of the connection between the “inner” and the “outer” worlds.

As Jesus taught: “the Kingdom of Heaven is Within”.

For many participants, the task is to shed the dogma of religion and the dogma of science and “go within”.

Self hypnosis procedures and meditative exercises can be used to experience spiritual reality:

All is One, Everything is energy and consciousness.

All levels of consciousness are connected.

As one spiritual leader has said:

The task of the man or woman in human incarnation Is to spiritualize matter…

The spiritual awakened person is truly joyful.

Traumatic Incident Reduction

TIR is a rapid (compared to traditional therapy) method of effectively reducing traumatic stress from emotionally and/or physically painful events in the past. It involves re-experiencing past traumas in a completely safe environment, free of distractions, judgments or interpretations.

When something happens that is physically or emotionally painful, one has the option of either confronting it fully and feeling the pain or trying in some way to block it. If fully “embraced” the experience becomes a past experience with no left-over “unfinished business.” In the second case, the action of blocking the experience represses the feelings and produces a reservoir of “unfinished feelings, thoughts and/or decisions”. Such repression can continue to exert negative effects on a person's life because it carries an “emotional charge”.

This “blocking” activity is a self-protective impulse. It works to a certain degree, but flash backs or occasional awarenesses of the repressed incident tend to dull a persons ability to stay in the present and be alert and engaged with life in the “now”.

TIR provides a safe space where a person can fully examine what has been blocked and release the emotional charge. People become “un-stuck” from the incident of the past.

People who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, rape survivors, and natural disaster survivors have been found to benefit from “TIR” work.

Even in a “normal” life people can be triggered into momentary reliving of past traumas of varying degrees of severity: a car accident, the loss of a loved one, a medical procedure, the loss of a job or receiving a frightening diagnosis. Using this method of stress/trauma release can be used by everyone dealing with stressful events in their otherwise normal life. TIR strategies are often included in a Life Stress Reduction Program which involves strategies for managing stress and some helpful brief TIR work.

Unusual Life Happenings – Psy Phenomena

In the era of Old Science Newtonian Physics), the focus was on Force and Matter. Now, New Science (Quantum Physics) is focused on energy and consciousness. Thus, the topics of ESP, reincarnation, extraterrestrial intelligence, spiritual realms, etc have become acceptable for scientific investigation.

The Society for Scientific Investigation is one among many groups that study and publish articles about various anomalies, including synchronicities, near death experiences, out of body experiences, premonitions, dreams, and laboratory experiments of ESP.

We welcome you who may have had any of these experiences or similar ones to contact us if you would like to understand your experiences and integrate them into your life in a way that brings you peace rather than fear and worry.