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  • Changing our Thinking Patterns
  • Life Adjustments
  • Life Changes
  • Parenting Skill Development
  • Self Esteem
  • Sports Psychology
  • Stress Management

Changing Our Thinking Patterns

An ancient Hebrew Proverb affirms:

Change takes but an instant; it is resistance to change that can take a lifetime.

Self hypnosis procedures and daily meditative practice can be used to align body/mind/soul. The participant can choose to use the tools of Ego (Fear and Anger, or the tools of Soul (Compassion and Forgiveness).

The Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, can be used as a guide for changing thinking patterns.

Affirmation work has also been found to be helpful in changing our unconscious thinking patterns. Focused individual work on reprogramming the brain changes our underlying thought process to be more productive and positive in our lives

Life Adjustments

Do you have situations that keep coming into your life that are forcing you to make some major life adjustments?
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Thinks Like:

  • losing a job
  • marrying someone with children
  • death of friends or family
  • changing your major focus in life adopting a child
  • re-thinking your financial life
  • needing to help family with emergencies in their lives
  • sudden shifts in the work place
  • wondering how to deal with the political atmosphere of the day at home and at work
  • considering how retirement now looks for you and what options are available and what is no longer available
  • physical changes in your body
  • illness
Short term situational therapy is often helpful in sorting out priorities and options for life choices. Please let us know how we can help.

Life Changes

Change in our lives happens daily and they seem to happen faster every day. Our world is constantly demanding our attention- it seems everything from global warming and terrorism to more internal issues like menopause, pregnancy, sudden illness, promotions or personal losses.It is not whether we will have change in our lives, it is more about how we will embrace with these changes. Envisioning the outcomes we desire, setting goals and finding little steps to get where we want to go coupled with deep relaxation techniques that can help center us in staying in the “now” are skills that can help us embrace change and move through it.

For some people the changes require a significant amount of spiritual work/awakening and/or re-defining their connection with God, Goddess, All that Is, The Great Way of Things or however they identify their spiritual tie.

Our therapists are trained in both cognitive behavioral strategies to embrace change, but also in inner motivational and centering techniques that can help guide you through the change process in a more peaceful way. We also have Christian Therapists who are can support your faith as needed.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

Parenting Skill Development

Parenting children is a difficult thing these days with all the media, drugs, influences from t.v., music, video games, movies and other ideas that find their ways to the family unit. Our philosophy involves including the parent as part of our therapeutic team. We work with the parent to provide them with parenting techniques and strategies to assist their children and families to make changes that bring a family back into balance. We also work with the children of the family to develop appropriate ways of expressing their ideas and feelings to the rest of family with the ultimate goal that all family members can get their needs met and honor the needs of other family members as well.


he value we place on ourselves, the confidence we have in our abilities to be successful and having the emotional strength to carry through are important aspects of self esteem.

Increasing self esteem involves growing physical confidence, mental problem solving skills, emotional energy and spiritual focus to find that inner satisfaction of strengthening our personal perception of self worth.

Practicing focusing and centering techniques has proven helpful in achieving these goals.

Several of our therapists are trained in teaching these techniques. Contact us for further details.

Sport Psychology

Most athletes claim that they do better when they feel “centered”, “balanced” or “in the zone”, etc.

The task is to maintain the Body/Mind connection without fearing the outcome.

Self hypnosis procedures can be helpful to the athlete so that she or he can mentally rehearse the moves and results while the body is relaxed.

Then the benefits of the mental rehearsal can be applied in the “alert trance state” where the athlete is alert, moving, and guided by the inner training and practice.

R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD is a Senior Olympic Athlete himself, as well as a licensed psychologist. He has studied the performance of athletes for decades as well as having studied and researched successful outcome procedures that work for athletes.

Stress Management

For thousands of years daily meditation has been the choice of spiritual masters for dealing with inner strife.

Some cultures focus on sitting meditation; some focus on walking and communing with nature.
At the core of meditation are twin tasks: self awareness and self acceptance.

One simple system has been developed by Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, which he terms - SelfLove Exercises. The participant sits and repeats mentally a series of phrases that focus on relaxing the body and affirming the acceptance of self worth.

Let us know if we can be helpful with your stress.